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Our location in the center of Istanbul, Tuzla, Turkey, combined with our powerful, dependable, hardworking, and proficient team makes us a key player in the international ship building and ship repair sector. At Fega Repair, well-equipped workshops and professionals with many years of experience allow the company to provide the greatest services and high-quality shipping professional care options. All works are completed in compliance with maritime rules and standards set by various prominent classification societies and authorities. Our team values the latest technological advancements, innovation, customer satisfaction, premium quality, competitive pricing, precise scheduling, timely delivery, and the highest safety.

As a service-oriented enterprise, we are present almost everywhere you are, whether on land or on the sea. We work 24/7. Wherever you are, we're here to help you when you need us most. We want to help ensure your ship returns to blue waters as fast as possible.

Our Vision:

We are dedicated to becoming the very best ship repair and maintenance firm in this region with optimal attention to quality and security. In addition, we aspire to become one of the most significant companies in the world in specialized vessel new building programs for commercial and navy needs. For Fega Repair to become a reputable company in ship building industry, it aims to become the world's leading specialist company for its line of new construction, maintenance and repair of vessels through corporate integration. Furthermore, the Company observes the way it benefits all parties through technical means.

Our Mission:

The service provider can respond quickly to the new build, repair, and maintenance of ships in addition to offering top quality service, providing exceptional client experience focused on the health of both the environment and business policies. Fega Repair is a company founded on the practice of satisfying the demands of the customers through a professional code of ethics and business acumen.


- We are committed to satisfying our customers, suppliers, and employees, as well as conforming to all applicable rules, legislation, and regulations.

- We steadfastly steer clear of compromising the quality of our products or our services. We have a Quality Awareness program that highlights it to every one of our staff.

- Our staff follows the Strategic Direction of our company while carrying out its work.

- We take into account technological innovations as well as draw applications and examples.

- We consider our quality edge as the source of our triumph in a competitive ecosystem, we attach importance to the ongoing training and development of employees to ensure long-term stability, and we also constantly examine our position in the trade, our competitors, and the ever-changing competitive scene.

- We regard ourselves as an upstanding member of the international quality community, aligned with relevant quality standards, customer and regulatory requirements, and our quality management system is continually improving.



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