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We make conversions to make the ships fully compatible with current international rules and laws. We adapt new arrivals to old configurations by changing height or depth to match the needs. We convert a wide range of ships, including livestock carriers, drycargo vessels, tankers, and container ships.ship conversion

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fega repaır
Why Us?

  • We design and project the ships to be converted dimensional, volumetrical or completely.
  • We convert any type of ship to a different size or a completely different ship when we apply our experienced and expert staff. We increase the ship's capacity load by widening the total depth.
  • We convert the existing ships into dimensional and volumetrical by adding height in an attempt to increase the load capacity. We alter the height of the hatch coamings to increase the capacity of the ships.
  • We convert a ship to make it suitable for a different set of international codes and rules. We create conversions to comply with them.
  • We are converting vessels with single hulls into a double hulls.
  • We take the class approvals before the start of building ships to be converted into a different type.
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